Customize woocomerce emails

As an online merchant, you need your website to sell more and always look its best. Shouldn’t your store’s email designs do the same? If yes, you are in the right place.

Standard WooCommerce emails templates

Essentially, WooCommerce is equipped with 8 built-in email templates that are sent to customers related to their order. Of course, store owners, vendors, and the stakeholders receive such transactional emails as in when the product moves along the distribution chain. These includes:

  • Order on-hold email – Contains order details after an order is placed on hold.
  • Order processing email – Sent after the payment is done and contains order details.
  • Order completed email – Sent to customers when their orders are marked completed, and indicates that order has been shipped.
  • Order refunded email – Sent to customers when their orders are marked refunded.
  • Customer invoice email – Contains order information and payment links.
  • Customer note email – Sent to the customer when a customer note is added from the edit order admin.
  • Password reset email – When you forget the password and request for a new password.
  • New account email – Sent to the customer when a customer signs up via checkout or account sign up page.

In short, the emails consist of following details – product information, the total price including taxes and shipping charges, mode of payment, shipping & billing address. A sample confirmation looks like the below snapshot.

But standard WooCommerce email templates just don’t cut it…

Default WooCommerce order emails look dull and plain. It does not look professional.

More often than not, the human tendency is to get aroused by the colors and by the design we see but unfortunately, the WooCommerce default order emails are boringly humdrum, plain and unimpressive.

Thus, it poorly reflects on your value proposition, your customers including your loyal ones may perceive your brand in a less positive way; which in turn, leads to a higher churn rate.

Most of the customers do not like boring emails. They always wait for the best of you in all situations. That is why the beautiful email design is an important key in any e-commerce.

Why you must customize WooCommerce emails?

Customizing WooCommerce emails is not rocket science to comprehend. 

Nonetheless, customized emails are a big boom to the service providers for the fact that customers relate to the brand. A properly drafted email aims at recognizing the customers, valuing them and it actually interacts with them.

Advantages of using customized WooCommerce emails

On top of everything else, it’s super easy. Since the templates are pre-defined, the store owners need not worry about inventing a template every time a transaction happens.

  • Visually attractive and aesthetic email design
  • Customized and tailor-made
  • The scope of making the email interactive
  • Alluring emails bolster business, typically sales revenue
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Put an end to humdrum emails
  • Dynamic and readily available

The best part about customized WooCommerce emails has to be their responsive design that makes the life of store owners and marketers easy.

What to write in your order/transaction emails?

It’s not so cool to have the same content on the confirmation mail, welcome mail, order completed mail, order refunded mail or order processing mail. Deciding on the content to be embodied in the email is a deal-breaker. Therefore, package the emails with the following ingredients.

  • Conversational tone – Refer to the customer’s name and start distinguishing your brand from others by highlighting the USP of your brand.
  • The road ahead – Once the email is sent, definitely, there would be certain steps that the customer has to ascertain or complete. Provide a link to those steps so as the customer is not lost.
  • Links to Resources – Come on. Tame your customer repeatedly to buy from your store. Nurture the customer to know his choices. Thanks to analytics. Recommend the products based on his/her search preferences.

If a fact has to be revealed, doing business is all about maintaining the relationship with the customer, long-term I say.

Customizing using Settings

The WooCommerce admin allows some basic customization of this default email layout. These options could be accessed after logging in to the WordPress Admin and then going to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails > Email Sender Options.

These options include:

  • Set the From name/address (visible to customer)
  • Add a header image
  • Change the email footer text
  • Choose a different base, background, and body text colors

Overriding Email Templates

Another approach is to modify the default email layouts. WooCommerce offers a helpful template system that allows you to customize parts of emails by replicating the format file(s) into the theme.

Every email type has a template file for its content.
(For example, woocommerce/templates/emails/customer-process-order.php).

In addition, there are shared templates that all email types can access and use. These could be found at woocommerce/templates/emails/email-styles.php.

Let’s say, you want to change the footer text color:

  • First, you make sure that the following directory exists in the WordPress installation: wp-content/themes/your-theme/woocommerce/emails.
  • Next, copy the file found at wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates /emails/email-styles.php into the store’s theme at:
  • Finally, edit your-theme/woocommerce/emails/email-styles.php to change the footer text color.
    padding: 0 48px 48px 48px;

Customization with hooks

This approach to customizing emails deals with WooCommerce custom code.
Obviously, it requires a high-level of expertise in PHP.

But, the process is straightforward because the original WooCommerce layouts are still in use. The process involves changing portions of the content.


Customizing WooCommerce emails using Plugins

Using plugins, with just a few clicks, you can come up with terrific emails that bring extravagant results in return.

There are many plugins available on the market. We have compiled the 5 best plugins for WooCommerce users.

Top 4 WooCommerce email customizer plugins

Let’s see each of them – the pros, cons, and pricing.

1. WooMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer

WooMail is a design tool that helps you to effortlessly customize the emails that WooCommerce is sending for your store; for example, the order confirmation email sent to all customers when they make a purchase. Powered by Drag/Drop builder.

Email customizer builder UI

Features :

  • Customize almost everything without writing a line of code
  • Add logos, brand colors, social media links, custom messages, etc
  • Light and simple user interface, amazing email template designs
  • Live preview
  • Mobile responsive
  • Send a test email
  • Predefined Email Templates
  • Predefined Email Blocks
  • Columns in Email
  • Import/Export customized email templates
  • Regular Updates

For single domain: $29

For multiple domains/subdomains: $139 

2. WooCommerce Email Customizer

WooCommerce Email Customizer has the built-in WordPress Customizer that allows you to click, drag and drop to visually modify your email templates design. You don’t require any coding knowledge.

this plugin only customizes the design of your emails and not the text or content of emails.

Developed by WooCommerce, the plugin costs $79 for one site, at $129 for 5 sites and at $179 for 25 sites.

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3. YITH WooCommerce Email Templates

YITH WooCommerce Email Templates plugin is available for $70 for a single site, $99 for 6 sites and $170 for 30sites.

It allows you to:

  • Add logos and customized links
  • Change colors and typography
  • Add social media links
  • Delete product image from the email content

But, there’s no live preview available.
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4. Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer

Developed by RightPress, Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer is a free plugin available on the WordPress repository.

This plugin does only one thing – it sets up a separate instance of the Customizer tool and allows you to make changes to your WooCommerce emails with live preview.