export email template in woocommerce email customizer

Customize the design of all the WooCommerce Emails your customer receives from you
There is a missed opportunity in sending stock standard messages in your transactional emails. WooMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag Drop Builder allows you to build your custom design using drag and drop of your email templates. There is not required any coding knowledge.

The authors like to test all functionality in the stage or development environment before going to production. So, you created all email templates in a development environment now you are going live.

How to transfer all customized emails from the test environment to production?

Let me introduce WooMail Export/Import functionality. It gives you the opportunity to create your email templates in your development environment then upload them to a live website.

WooMail offers export :

  • Export as JSON – Export selected email template as JSON. If you want to import this template, so you need to export the email template as JSON
  • Export as HTML – Export selected email template. After exporting you will get HTML file. So, you can test it manually in any browser or send test emails for checking compatibility. PutsMail is a great tool for sending HTML to any email address for design testing and debugging
  • Export All Templates – Export all email templates.

We will show you how to Export as JSON and then how to import it.

1. You need to choose Export as JSON in the selected email template.

export /import in woomail

2. Go to the live website where do you want to import email template, select proper email type and language, then click to Import

settings in woomail

3. Then you will see modal like a below. So you need to select exported JSON (step 1). 

import template in woomail

4. Enjoy your email template.