customize woo emails

WooMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer is a design tool that helps you to effortlessly customize the emails that WooCommerce is sending for your store; for example, the order confirmation email sent to all customers when they make a purchase.

The plugin does not send any emails itself but instead upgrades your store’s boring default email notifications with much more professional and effective designs. Certainly, it is so easy. You need to follow steps as mentioned in the below

how to customize emails - main controls of wooomail
  • Step 1. Language – Our plugin supports multilanguage. By default, language will be selected. You can create your template in your language.
  • Step 2. Email Type – You should select email type which does you want to change
  • Step 3. Example Order – It is the last step. After selecting order you will see data according to selecting the order.

For the better understanding of how to customize WooCommerce emails just watch the video tutorial