Customize WooCommerce Emails using Shortcodes

Customize the design of all the WooCommerce Emails your customer receives from you. There is a missed opportunity in sending stock standard messages in your transactional emails. WooMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag Drop Builder allows you to build your custom design using drag and drop of your email templates. There is not required any coding knowledge.

With the help of our plugin, you can customize follow email cases

  • New order
  • Canceled order
  • Failed order
  • Order On-hold
  • Processing order
  • Completed order
  • Refunded order
  • Customer invoice
  • New Account
  • Reset Password
  • Customer Note
  • Partially Refunded Order

While customizing you can add dynamic information about product and order. Dynamic information can be added using shortcodes. It also supports multilanguage

Shortcodes are required for dynamic order or product data. You have several ways to add the shortcodes. Shortcode supports the only text elements. 

Note: the plugin will generate shortcodes that are compatible with WooCommerce Email Customizer – WooMail

More information about compatible plugins 

Method 1.

woomail - shortcode list

Method 2. You can do it manually. For example.  

Order products: [ec_woo_items_1]

You can get a full list of shortcodes with the help of the HELP button

woomail help modal - shortcode list

Shortcode List



[ec_woo_payment_method] Get Payment method
[ec_woo_site_name] Get Website Name
[ec_woo_site_url] Get Website URL
[ec_woo_user_email] Get User Email
[ec_woo_user_name] Get User Name
[ec_woo_current_date] Get current date ( ex. 2019-01-29 22:49:00) 

By default, all date shortcodes are using WordPress date settings.


[ec_woo_customer_notes] Get Order Customer Notes
[ec_woo_customer_notes_last_message]  Get Customer Last Note ( supports after 2.2.1)
[ec_woo_customer_notes_last_month]  Get Customer Notes of  Last Month ( supports after 2.2.1)
[ec_woo_customer_provided_note] Get Order Customer Provided Note
[ec_woo_items] Get Order Items with basic style
[ec_woo_items_1] Get Order Items with modern style 1
[ec_woo_items_2] Get Order Items with modern style 2
[ec_woo_items_3] Get Order Items with modern style 3
[ec_woo_items_4] Get Order Items with modern style 4
[ec_woo_items_5] Get Order Items with modern style 5
[ec_woo_order_date] Get Order Date (ex:Jul 25, 2018)
[ec_woo_order_datetime] Get Order Datetime (ex:2018-07-25 05:48:07)
[ec_woo_order_fee] Get Order Fee
[ec_woo_order_id] Get Order ID
[ec_woo_order_link] Get Order Link
[ec_woo_order_payment_method] Get Order Payment Method
[ec_woo_order_payment_url] Get Order Payment URL
[ec_woo_order_refund] Get Order Refund
[ec_woo_order_sub_total] Get Order Sub Total
[ec_woo_order_shipping] Get Order Shipping
[ec_woo_order_time] Get Order Time (ex:05:48:07)
[ec_woo_order_total] Get Order Total
[ec_woo_transaction_id] Get Transaction ID
[ec_woo_view_order_url] Get View Order URL


[ec_woo_shipping_address] Get Shipping Address
[ec_woo_shipping_address_1] Get Shipping Address 1
[ec_woo_shipping_address_2] Get Shipping Address 2
[ec_woo_shipping_city] Get Shipping City
[ec_woo_shipping_company] Get Shipping Company
[ec_woo_shipping_country] Get Shipping Country
[ec_woo_shipping_email] Get Shipping Email
[ec_woo_shipping_first_name] Get Shipping First Name
[ec_woo_shipping_last_name] Get Shipping Last Name
[ec_woo_shipping_phone] Get Shipping Phone
[ec_woo_shipping_postcode] Get Shipping Post Code
[ec_woo_shipping_state] Get Shipping State


[ec_woo_billing_address] Get Billing Address
[ec_woo_billing_address_1] Get Billing Address 1
[ec_woo_billing_address_2] Get Billing Address 2
[ec_woo_billing_city] Get Billing City
[ec_woo_billing_company] Get Billing Company
[ec_woo_billing_country] Get Billing Country
[ec_woo_billing_email] Get Billing Email
[ec_woo_billing_first_name] Get Billing First Name
[ec_woo_billing_last_name] Get Billing Last Name
[ec_woo_billing_phone] Get Billing Phone
[ec_woo_billing_postcode] Get Billing Post Code
[ec_woo_billing_state] Get Billing State

New Account

[ec_woo_user_name] User name
[ec_woo_user_email] Email address
[ec_woo_user_activation_link] Activation link
[ec_woo_site_name] Get Website Name
[ec_woo_site_url] Get Website URL
[ec_woo_user_password]  Get user’s password which is used registration

Reset Password

[ec_woo_user_name] User name
[ec_woo_user_email] Email address
[ec_woo_user_password_reset_url] Password reset URL 
[ec_woo_site_name] Get Website Name
[ec_woo_site_url] Get Website URL

NOTE:  New Account and Reset Password email types are using just mentioned short codes, other short codes maybe work in the demo, but they will not working in the real emails ( after creating account ). And it is possible that you cannot see New Account and Reset Password short codes in the method 1.

Bank Information 

[ec_woo_account_name_N] Bank account name
[ec_woo_bank_name_N] Bank name
[ec_woo_account_number_N] Account number 
[ec_woo_routing_number_N] Routing number 
[ec_woo_iban_N] Get IBAN information
[ec_woo_bic_N] Get BIC information


N – number of your showing bank information. As you know, you can add multiple bank information. So if you get first bank account information, in this case N will equal 1. Ex, : [ec_woo_account_name_1] or [ec_woo_bic_1]

Additional Order Information ( supported after v2.1 )

[ec_woo_order_total_refunded_amount] Get Order refunded amount
[ec_woo_order_formatted_total] Get Order formatted total
[ec_woo_order_remaining_refund_amount] Get Order remaining refund amount
[ec_woo_order_total_amount] Get Order total amount