Recommend Products


A product recommendation email shares personalized and relevant product recommendations with your customer based on the customer’s buying and browsing habits on your website. These emails are useful for upselling and cross-sell scenarios, as well as abandoned shopping cart situations.

One of the reasons for email’s superior performance is the product recommendation email, which is a tactical tool to help any site boost its conversions, so your e-commerce site can make more sales.

The product recommendation in email

As your customers browse through your e-commerce store, your site’s analytics pick up their browsing behavior. Maybe they enjoy looking at only the latest sales; perhaps they have a fondness for only checking out the discounted items. Whatever your customers’ fancy, a site’s analytics always determine this.

This is powerful information that can be used in your follow-up marketing to help your online store make more conversions.

A product recommendation email is a smart, targeted email that’s sent to your customers with relevant purchase recommendations. How do you make these recommendations relevant or personalized? By studying the data in the browsing behavior of your customers.

The perfect times to SHow product recommendation in emails

While it may sound counterintuitive to some, no better time exists for your store to send these emails than right after a customer has made a purchase. This also provides you with a great chance to either cross-sell or upsell them.

How to use product recommendation in emails?

It is so simple, add ec_woo_related_items short code to your email content. By default after adding that short code you will see like below :

Settings For recommend products

Settings nameDefault ValuePossible values
Columns3Number, Range 1-3
Count3Number, minimum value 3
Product listTypeProduct Type or Product Category
Show NameTrueTrue | False
Show Price True True | False
Show Image True True | False

Making any changes you need to go settings tab.