Email Customizer


1. Do you have any plugin for security which is block sending HTML?

If yes, please go to settings in that plugin and allow to send HTML . Otherwise you have some problems.

2. How can I show product image?

Go to the builder page, then click the Settings tab, at the below you will see Show product image option. You need the only set it true. And also you can adjust the image height as per your requirement. 

After changing you will see like below.

3. Is it possible change the email width? 

Yes surely. For doing it just go to the Settings tab. 

4. How to Change Panel Position?

For doing it just go to the Settings tab and change the panel position

5.How to Change Background Color of Template?

 Go to Settings tab in the panel, and change the background color of email. Also, you can change content background color . 

6. How to change row background color?

Please select row which do you want to change background color.

7. How to clear canvas?

Please just click the Blank Page button in the header controls.